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Florian Dendorfer

Email florian dot dendorfer at utoronto dot ca

Welcome to my web page! I am an assistant professor of economics (teaching stream) at the University of Toronto.

My research focuses on industrial organization. In particular, I am interested in the digital economy and platform markets.

Working paper

First-Party Selling and Self-Preferencing
Abstract In this paper, I analyze the consumer welfare effect of a vertically-integrated gatekeeper platform selling its own, first-party (1P) product (1P selling) as well as the platform’s incentive to favor the 1P product in its product recommendations (self-preferencing). 1P selling allows the platform to sell directly to consumers, mitigating double marginalization, but it also enables the the platform to foreclose third-party (3P) competitors upstream. I show that under self-preferencing the platform reduces commission fees sufficiently for consumers to benefit from lower prices. Hence, consumer welfare is higher under 1P selling regardless of self-preferencing. What is more, the platform itself is better off if it commits not to engage in self-preferencing, as without self-preferencing 1P selling raises upstream competition, thus constituting an effective remedy for double marginalization.

Work in progress

Social Learning And Market Structure: The Case of Airbnb (with Matteo Courthoud and Regina Seibel)

Fall/Winter 23/24

ECO204Y1Y Microeconomic Theory and Applications (for Commerce)

L0301 (23-09-13 to 24/04/03) Wednesday 11am to 1pm and Thursday 1pm to 3pm, room SS2118 (syllabus)

L0401 (23-09-13 to 24/04/03) Wednesday 3pm to 5pm and Thursday 1pm to 3pm, room SS2117 (syllabus)